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Why Choose Taxes for Expats?

Who We Are

1. Who We Are

  • We are experts who work exclusively with Americans living abroad

    We know the IRS code thoroughly and stay on top of the latest developments that may affect expats.

    This allows us to find the optimal solutions for our clients and ensure that they receive the most relevant and up-to-date advice. Our expertise has been recognized by the Tax Law Experts Q&A service where we were awarded the best Knowledgeability rating out of 9 resident tax experts.

  • That You Can Trust

    There is a famous New Yorker cartoon from the 90s that does a great job conveying the danger of dealing with someone on the internet - you simply do not know who you are really dealing with.

    We are a real business you can trust. Click here to see the 7 reasons why you can trust TFX.

  • We Helped Over 1,000 Expats who live in over 100 countries.
    More Than 25% Have Provided Us With a Reference

    They live on every continent (even Antarctica!) and work in wide-ranging industries. Our clients range from US Government employees in Africa to self-employed investors in Japan. The tax situation of each new client is different and unique, however in many years of practice we have seen enough to know exactly what to do in most cases.
We Deliver Results

2. We Deliver Results

  • We deliver Accurate and Money-Saving Results

    Put it this way - we are really into tax optimization.

    We enjoy figuring out the best strategy that optimizes your tax bill. We also know all common and less-obvious pitfalls facing expats and how to best work around them. Taxes are not rocket science - but IRS is really making it impossible for regular people to effectively prepare their own return while living abroad.

    Leave it to us and rest assured that you are getting the most qualified tax advice money can buy.

  • Your Return is Cross-Checked by Two Experts

    Every return we prepare is reviewed by at least two CPA/EA. Our rigorous review process ensures only top quality work.

    Other firms employ a 'silo' strategy, where each individual CPA is their own small business. We do not partake in this school of thought.

    We have a well developed system and processes in place to ensure that your return is prepared accurately and optimally.

  • 100% Accuracy Guarantee

    We're 100% confident in our expertise and the work we deliver. That is why we back every return with our Accuracy Guarantee. It's very simple - if we make an error on your tax return, we will pay resulting penalties.

At a Reasonable Price

3. At a Reasonable Price
Simple and Transparent Fee structure

Our FEES page breaks down our pricing - $350 FOR FEDERAL AND $100 FOR STATE RETURNS. Meanwhile our competitors fall in two camps (we're not naming any names here - but if you research this topic, you will easily recognize what we mean)

  • Qualified professionals who do not list prices on their web sites.

    They request that you provide full details about your financial situation and then they will come up with a custom quote. To us this practice sounds too much like a Middle Eastern bazaar negotiation, where your quote will vary based on how much the service provider thinks you are capable of paying.

  • Low-cost providers who simply outsource all work to accountants they hire on freelancer.com

    In this case you get exactly what you pay for. Unfortunately a glitzy web-site does not a competent tax company make. While we have nothing against the business plan of hiring a bunch of contractors via freelancer.com and then having them do all the work while sitting on a beach, this doesn't seem like the company you want to entrust your taxes with.

The problem with tax preparation is that if done incorrectly, you risk to lose thousands - so we'd urge you strongly to check the credentials of the actual preparer who will be working on your return and not be enticed by a rock-bottom price offer.

These Unique Aspects of Our Service

4. These Unique Aspects
of Our Service

  • IRS Tax Audit Assistance

    Every return we prepare is supplemented with a free Audit Assistance service. If you are contacted by the IRS after your return is submitted, we will help you understand the position taken by the IRS or other US tax authority and explain how to prepare a response.

    We'll help with the IRS tax audit by:

    • Reviewing the tax authority notice or inquiry and explain what it means
    • Researching issues involved
    • Assisting you in assembling documents and records for the tax audit
    • Reviewing the tax audit findings and explaining them to you
    • Explaining the appeal process and other options available to you in the event you disagree with the tax authority's findings
  • We Focus on Excellent Customer Service

    We respond to all inquiries within 1 day and make sure to treat every customer with personalized attention.

    We are also very proud of the feedback that over 400 clients have left for us with independent review sites.

  • Our Powerful and Secure Online System

    We created the simplest yet most powerful & secure online system for having your taxes prepared online.

    Meanwhile our competition still uses technology straight from the 1990s - MS Word or PDF files that you email or fax them. Under best scenario your sensitive information is outsourced to third-party providers for file exchange (such as ShareFile.com). Are you comfortable with your information being handled by third parties?

New Client Referrals
for each client you refer,
you earn $75 in tax preparation credit
In order to thank existing clients who recommend us we instituted a Referral Program

If you are considering doing your own tax return, consider the following:
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