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Expat Tax Rules

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Are You Required to Submit a 2018 Tax Return? 23-Apr-18
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Foreign Earned Income Exclusion Denied - Case Study 23-Mar-18
Non-US citizen receives social security -- is it taxable? Explained in plain English. 10-Mar-18
California Safe Harbor - Only for Working Expats 27-Feb-18
Tax Reform - Impact on Education Credits & Deductions 24-Feb-18
Tax Extensions - Why you need one (or more than one) 07-Feb-18
Qualified Education Expenses - Same, Same, But Different 02-Feb-18
Do Puerto Rico Residents Owe US Tax? 30-Jan-18
2017 State Tax Filing Deadlines 22-Jan-18
How does the IRS decide who to audit? 15-Jan-18
Stipend vs. Scholarship vs. Research Grants - Taxation Methods 05-Jan-18
Unit Trusts & Expats - What you need to know 05-Dec-17
Selling Bitcoin - Asking For A Friend 28-Nov-17
Self Employment Tax Considerations For Clergy 10-Oct-17
(IRS) Sailing Permit - No Life Vest Necessary 15-Sep-17
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Tax Rules for Family Monetary Gifts 15-Jun-17
Bitcoin & Other Virtual Currencies on your U.S. Tax Return 10-Jun-17
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Living Expenses Are Through the Roof - How to Deduct More Than 30% Allowance for Housing Exclusion & Reduce Tax Bill 10-Mar-17
How to Avoid an IRS Audit 01-Feb-17
New IRS Identity Verification Requirement - How to Comply And What This Means For Overseas Americans 25-Jan-17
The State of California - Can Expats Ever Leave (Tax-Wise)? 20-Jan-17
Where’s my Refund? New IRS Form 8867 15-Jan-17
Simple Guide to UN Income and U.S. Taxes 25-Dec-16
Many ITINs Expire January 1st 2017; Renew Now to Avoid Refund Delays 24-Dec-16
Who is Likely to be Targeted for an IRS Audit? 10-Dec-16
US Taxes & the Child Dependency Exemption 30-Nov-16
Affordable Care Act (ACA) Tax Provisions for Americans Living Abroad - Facts vs Fiction 01-Nov-16
How To Avoid Major Tax Mistakes and To Prepare for the Coming Tax Season 01-Oct-16
IRS Tax Payments - How Much to Pay, When to Send, Where to Send? 20-Sep-16
Form 1099-C - Cancellation of Debt. Understanding Form You Might Need for Your US Tax Return 15-Sep-16
Form 1099-A - Acquisition Or Abandonment Of Secured Property. Understanding Form You Might Need for Your US Tax Return 15-Sep-16
Form 1099-MISC - Miscellaneous Income. Understanding Form You Might Need for Your US Tax Return 15-Sep-16
Form 1098 - Mortgage Interest Statement. Understanding Form You Might Need for Your US Tax Return 15-Sep-16
Form 1098-T, Tuition Statement. Understanding Form You Might Need for Your US Tax Return 15-Sep-16
Form W-2, Wage & Tax Statement. Understanding Forms You Might Need for Your US Tax Return 15-Sep-16
Form 1099-INT - Interest Income. Understanding Forms You Might Need for Your US Tax Return 15-Sep-16
Will Voting from Abroad Affect Your State Filing Requirements? 01-Aug-16
The Truth About Taxes 15-Feb-16
How You Are Affected by the Affordable Healthcare Act as a US Expat 20-Jan-16
What to Do when Your Non-US Bank Asks About Your US Tax Compliance Status 05-Jan-16
Top 5 Negotiation Tips for an Overseas Contract 25-Nov-15
Introduction to the Foreign Housing Exclusion 10-Nov-15
Instructions for Paying Your US Tax Liability While Living Overseas 05-Nov-15
Will I Lose My Bona Fide Resident Status When I Move? 25-Oct-15
The Importance of the Physical Presence Test to Americans Working Abroad 15-Oct-15
How to Properly Report Timing of Foreign Income and Taxes Paid on the US Expat Tax Return 15-Sep-15
When Are Your US Income Tax Returns Subject to IRS Audits Indefinitely? 10-Sep-15
Accidental Americans and Their Plight With US Taxes 25-Jul-15
Are Legal Fees Tax Deductible on Your US Income Tax Return? 15-Jun-15
Still Haven’t Received Required US Tax Paperwork? 15-May-15
Can I Qualify for the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion as an Overseas Contractor? 01-May-15
Top 10 Recommendations for Taxpayers Behind on US Taxes Who are Contacted by the IRS 15-Apr-15
IRS Phone Scams Are Taking Place Across the Nation 05-Apr-15
How to Reduce Your Tax Liability with the Physical Presence Test When Moving Back to the United States 25-Mar-15
Affordable Care Act for US Expats Q&A 01-Mar-15
Additional Medicare Tax: Top 5 Things to Know 25-Dec-14
How Alimony Affects Your Taxes 10-Dec-14
How Independent Contractors are Affected by the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare) 15-Nov-14
Reviewing Your Expat Tax Return 10-Nov-14
How to Track Travel Days for US Pilots Flying International Routes 20-Oct-14
U.S. Expat Tax Guidance if You’ve Recently Lost Your Job 10-Oct-14
Foreign Countries Tax Filing Deadlines 05-Oct-14
What You Need to Know About Your Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments 25-Sep-14
Beware Internet Scammers Claiming to be the IRS 01-Sep-14
What’s New About the 2014 Streamlined Procedure for Americans Living Abroad? 20-Aug-14
Do You Need Your Previous Tax Returns? 10-Aug-14
The Truth about Penalties for Those Late on Their Taxes 10-Jul-14
Preserving Tax and Financial Records: How Long Is Long Enough? 30-Apr-14
Guarding Against Tax Refund Fraud 01-Apr-14
US Expat Penalties for Filing Taxes Late and Best Chances of Reducing Them 20-Mar-14
I made a mistake on my expat tax return. Do I Need to File an Amended Tax Return? 1040x Amended Tax Return 10-Mar-14
Your 2013 US Federal Income Tax Checklist 20-Feb-14
Earned Income, Unearned Income, and What the Difference Means for Your Taxes 10-Jan-14
Could you Benefit from Opting Out of the IRS Amnesty for Offshore Accounts? 10-Dec-13
Is Amnesty Through the 2012 OVDP Guaranteed by the IRS? 25-Nov-13
Explanation of Foreign Disregarded Entities and Form 8858 15-Oct-13
American by Accident and What the IRS May Have to Say About It 10-Sep-13
Filing Back Taxes: Should I agree with the IRS’s Request for Additional Time to Process My Returns? 10-Aug-13
Taxes for Graduate Students. Questions and Answers 30-Jul-13
US Expat IRS Estimated Taxes and Payments Explained 20-Jul-13
Three Changes for the IRS Streamlined Procedure in Canada 15-Jun-13
Schedule A -- Itemized Deductions on the US Expat Tax Return 13-Jun-13
US – UK Bilateral Tax Agreement - Implication for US Expats 10-May-13
Top IRS Audit Triggers 20-Mar-13
Tax Returns with Foreign Spouse 10-Mar-13
Foreign Mortgage Deduction 20-Feb-13
Capital Gains & Expats 15-Feb-13
FEIE Increased 10-Feb-13
Expat Tax Extensions 05-Feb-13
US Expats & IRS - What's New in 2013? 10-Jan-13
Increasing Audits When Claiming Foreign Income Exclusion 02-Jan-13
Dependents and Exemptions - Facts You Should Know 20-Oct-12
6 Facts About Exemptions for Dependents 05-Sep-12
Self Employed US Expats 15-Aug-12
Expat IRS Tax Form Checklist 10-Aug-12
How to Deal with IRS Audit 30-Jul-12
Social Security & Expat Taxes 20-Jul-12
Foreign Assignments & US Expat Taxes 04-Jul-12
Expatriating In the Middle of Tax Year 01-Jul-12
Foreign Rentals for Expatriates 01-Apr-12
What If You Can't Pay Tax On Time? 12-Mar-12
US Expat Taxes FAQ 21-Jan-12
Will I Get a Tax Refund as an American Expat Living Abroad? 14-Jan-12
Physical Presence Test - FAQ 12-Nov-11
Estimated Tax Payments for Americans Abroad 18-Oct-11
Foreign Tax Credit – the Way to Avoid Double Taxation for American Expats 21-Sep-11
Tax Avoidance vs. Tax Evasion for American Expats. What is tax Avoidance in Fact? 29-Aug-11
Foreign Housing Exclusion and Foreign Housing Deduction Via Form 2555 22-Aug-11
Filing Your Back Taxes for Multiple Years as an American Expat 15-Aug-11
What if you don't file your expat tax return - IRS Fees & Penalties 15-Jul-11
Tax Deadlines and Extensions for American Expatriates 30-Jun-11
State Taxes and American Expats 20-Jun-11
Tax Documents Needed for Expat Tax Return 06-Jun-11
Expat Tax Deadlines 23-May-11
Filing Back Taxes as an Expat. Do You Need Help? 09-May-11
American Expats and the IRS 10-Apr-11
American Expats & US Tax Return - Never Apart 28-Mar-11
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10 Tips and Tricks to Deal with US Taxes 14-Feb-11
Simple Guide To American Expatriate Tax Obligations 31-Jan-11
US Expat Tax Return Filing Requirements 17-Jan-11