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Mail Bag

Mail Bag #16: Delaware Partnership,  ​State tax obligations, German with US K-1, Pension on FBAR, Retirement rollovers, US Visits 35 21-Sep-18
Mail Bag #15: Inherited Retirement, PFIC funds, Rent Deposit, France SS, FBAR disclosure, State tax, Contractor in Japan, Repatriation Tax 07-May-18
Mail Bag #14: W-2 Abroad, Qtrly Tax, Spouse FBARs, Relocation & Healthcare, Gifts, Repatriation Tax 12-Apr-18
Mail Bag #13: W-8, Expatriation, 8802, CA Rental, US Dividends, Estate tax, Legal Settlement 31-Mar-18
Mail Bag #12: EIN for online sales in US, B-2 Visa for Int'l Students, French Health Insurance, Real Estate Commissions, W-9 from HK bank, Divorce Settlements 24-Dec-17
Mail Bag #11: Social Security Tax in Belgium, Mexican Pension Survivorship, Lump Sum Pension Withdrawal, UK Share Options, Swedish & Libyan Tax Queries 18-Dec-17
Mail Bag #10: CAD accounts, Child Tax Credits, Inherited IRAs, Publicly Traded K-1 Income, Property Sales, and Saudi Job Offers 10-Dec-17
Mail Bag #9: Home Purchase, Donations, Personal Exemptions, Foreign Dividends, and U.K. retirement accounts 20-Sep-17
Mail Bag #8: Job Prospects, Home Sale, IRA Withdrawals and Social Security Considerations 10-Sep-17
Mail Bag #7: Freelancers, Partnerships, Italian Social Security idiosyncrasies, ROTH contributions, and Student Stipends 05-Sep-17
Mail Bag 6 - German Corps, Australian SMSF, French Capital Gains, Foreign Owned LLC, and Unreported ISAs 08-Aug-17
Mail Bag 5: California Tax Board, Wealth Tax, Housing Exemption, Filing without SS#, Startups, and Severance Payments 29-Jul-17
Mail Bag #4 - Green Card/FBAR In Year Of Expatriation/IRA Withdrawals/Undeclared ISAs/UN Allowances 20-Jul-17
Mail Bag #3 - W8-Ben/RRSP/Selling Personal Residence/Retirement Distributions/Incorporating Abroad/Job offer in the U.S. 10-Jul-17
Mail Bag #2 - Social Security Tax Abroad / FEIE & ROTH IRA / Bringing Foreign Inheritance to the US 01-Jul-17
Mail Bag #1: Visiting US for Work / Adoption Credit / PFIC Filing / $1000 Child Tax Credit with FEIE 20-Jun-17