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Free Introductory Phone Consultation

Free Introductory Phone Consultation

We offer a free Introductory Phone Consultation with one of our tax advisors on the phone (up to 30 minutes). You will have a chance to discuss your situation and how we can help you, what information we'd need to proceed, how our process works, etc.

The service is free - but will require a $50 retainer towards our tax preparation fees.

1. Who can order the consultation

2. Cost

3. How to order the service

4. How far in advance do you have to order it?

5. What kind of questions are appropriate for this service

6. What if I just want to speak to someone to find out about your process and ask general questions that are not tax specific, before I know that I’d like to have you work on my case? Can I speak with someone without paying the $50 retainer?

7. What if I have high-level tax planning questions, do you offer a consultation service where we could have them answered?