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Expat Tax Planning - Tax and Salary Calculation Service

Are You Considering Taking a Position in a Foreign Country?

Are You Thinking of Starting a Business Abroad?

Expat Tax Planning - Tax and Salary Calculation Service

  • You need to understand the consequences of becoming an expatriate from the tax perspective.
  • Mrs. Zemelman will analyze your situation and give you specific and detailed answers as to how your finances will be impacted from the tax perspective.
  • By having an expert guide you thorough this, you will likely learn about a lot of issues that you didn’t even realize could be important. For now, they are your unknown unknowns.

The Tax Planning service is offered on hourly basis at the rate of $300 per hour.

Average time for the personal package is 1.5 hours - comprising of 1 hour analysis of the situation and ½ hour for email consultation. Business tax planning takes 4 hours on average.

Here are some sample cases that we handled within the framework of Tax Planning sessions.

Personal Tax Planning Business Tax Planning
1 Provided that I can only qualify for the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion based on the Physical Presence test, how should I plan in advance my summer vacations to the U.S. over the next two years in order to obtain the maximum allowed amount of earned income and housing exclusion? How should I structure salary and dividends distribution from my UK corporation for the upcoming year to receive the most beneficial U.S. tax results?
2 I received a job offer with relocation to Dubai, UAE. I would like to evaluate three scenarios of U.S. federal and state tax consequences of accepting the offer:
  • I live in Dubai while my wife stays in the U.S. and continues working.
  • I live in Dubai with my wife. I work for the foreign employer and my wife works remotely for the U.S. employer.
  • My wife and I both move to Dubai. I work; my wife does not work.
I run an online business in India selling goods through Ebay to customers in the U.S. I would like to evaluate the U.S. tax consequences of two business structures:
  • Establishing a branch of Indian corporation in Delaware. The U.S. branch of foreign corporation would receive income from U.S. operations and pay salary to myself and to the U.S. agent residing in New York state.
  • Establishing an independent U.S. corporation in Delaware. The U.S. corporation would buy goods wholesale from my Indian corporation. I will receive salary from Indian corporation. The U.S. corporation will pay salary to the U.S. corporate officer.
3 I live and work in Romania. I would like to evaluate my opportunities for opening an individual U.S. retirement accounts. How much I am allowed to contribute and what will be the U.S. tax saving effect? I am a 100% owner of a foreign Corporation with gross revenues of about $300,000. How do I determine whether to take the Housing Exclusion or Deduction? How much in wages would I need to pay myself and/or my wife to realize the full benefit?
4 I would like to open a ROTH IRA account. I heard that taxpayers applying foreign earned income exclusion do not qualify for ROTH IRA contributions. Is this correct? Can you calculate how much I am allowed to contribute? I am a single owner of an S-corporation. I provide web publishing services for U.S. clients. My husband received a job offer in France and I am going to join him. What would be my federal, state, and self-employment tax obligations if I continue running the U.S. business while living in France?
5 I am considering two different options for a job offer. First offer has a higher salary and taxable benefits. Second offer includes a lower salary and non-taxable benefits. Which offer will result in higher net pay? I am a sole proprietor living and working in Brazil. Since there is no Social Security Totalization Agreement between Brazil and U.S., I am subject to double taxation. I pay self-employment tax both in Brazil and in the U.S.
Will it be cost-effective for me to incorporate my business in Brazil? What would be the total resulting U.S. tax saving consequences?