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American Educators Abroad

We serve many Americans who work as teachers and professors in international schools and universities.

First - the ‘not so great news’. If you are a US citizen or green card holder working at an international school or university overseas, you are still required to file a US tax return.

Now - the good news. In most cases you will not owe any taxes to the IRS.

Because of the expat exclusion, roughly the first $100,000 are tax free. Beyond that, whatever taxes you are paying in your resident country are used to offset your U.S. tab obligation - so in the end you would owe nothing. The catch is that you must actually file the tax return (and do so correctly) to benefit from these tax saving opportunities. Otherwise, the IRS could deny you these benefits and make you pay tax.

We work with schools on every continent
(bar Antarctica - but only until one opens there)
and help hundreds of educators every year.

Italy / Ambrit Rome International School United Arab Emirates / American International School Abu Dhabi Japan / American School in Japan Taiwan / American School in Taichung Taiwan Kosova / American School of Kosova Ukraine / British International School of Ukraine Singapore / Chatsworth International School Singapore Thailand / Concordian International School United Arab Emirates / GEMS Dubai American Academy China / Guangzhou Nanfang International School Germany / Internationale Schule Hannover Belgium / International School of Brussels Korea / International School of Koje South Korea Turkey / Istanbul International School Switzerland / Leysin American School China / Nanjing International School Malta / Quality Schools Interational Mexico / The American School Foundation Panama / International School of Panama Argentina / Lincoln - The American International School Australia / International School of Western Australia Brazil / American School of Brasilia Nigeria / American International School Lagos South Africa / American International School Cape Town Egypt / American International School of Egypt

Moreover - we offer a special discount to employees of international schools. Ask us about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I work abroad and have no U.S. income - am I still required to file tax return with the IRS?

2. What will happen if I do not file?

3. How can the IRS find me?

4. Can I file when I return to the US?

6. Should I prepare my own expat tax return or have it done professionally?

7. If my school pays for my initial move and annual trips back home, is this considered taxable income? Can it be excluded using the FEIE?

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